Oscar Eğitim Araçları

OSCAR has emerged as a result of 16 years of knowledge. OSCAR is a brand new brand with multifunctional Preschool products and Playgroups equipped with quality and environmentally friendly materials. OSCAR, which set out to lead the development of Turkey in the Preschool group, is determined to associate its 16 years of experience with this brand name.



Always producing reliable, environmentally friendly, ergonomic products; will meet the needs of the preschool group; OSCAR, which will respond to the needs and demands of educational institutions with satisfactory product, service and service expectations with short-term product delivery, is a good alternative for those who want to increase efficiency in Pre-School Education with robust and reliable products.



OSCAR, the Education brand where useful and simple products can be found for all preschoolers at affordable prices, is a candidate to be an indispensable option to turn children's education into pleasure.



Our Vision


• To be a brand of Pre-School Education products that always produces reliable, environmentally friendly, ergonomic products,

• To be a brand that produces satisfactory products, services and services in accordance with the needs and expectations of Pre-School Education institutions.



Our Goal


• To provide quality and reliable Preschool Educational products at affordable prices.

• To increase the productivity of our children with simple, robust and reliable products.


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