How Does the Process Work?


Important: The delivery time for your orders is within 1-30 business days after your quote approval, depending on the content of your order. This time period includes the production time of the products in your order.


Important: If any products in your order cannot be supplied or manufactured, we will contact you with alternative recommendations. Removal of unobtainable or unmanufacturable products from your order and the addition of substitute products to your request will be done by us in contact with you. To minimize the duration of the process and reduce the margin of error, please check the accuracy of the contact information you registered when you signed up.


Important: For requests/requirements that do not include Company Name, Tax Number, and Tax Office information, no quotation will be prepared and no transaction will be made.


  • You can use the External Quote Request Form for offer requests consisting of products outside the wide product range of Oscar Education Tools.


  1. 1.) Sign up

  2. 2.) Add the products you want to receive a price quote for your institution to your cart.

  3. 3.) Fill in the invoice address and delivery address information.

  4. 4.) Select the delivery method for the products.

  5. 5.) Complete your transaction by selecting the Price Quote Request option.


  • Our sales and logistics teams will be in touch with you throughout the process. The continuation stages of the process will be conveyed to you via your registered mobile phone number and email address.
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